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What is a Security Consultant

  Security Consultant companies provide expert, professional advice and information about how to protect property from vandalism, intrusion, trespass, or theft...
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What is a Private Investigator

Private Investigators conduct investigations to assist clients who wish to obtain information for use in civil and criminal litigation matters, pre-employment verification, and for many other purposes...
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About Paradox Prevention
Private Investigations, Security Guards,
Mobile Patrols & Security Consultants
Office: (604) 628-8733 / Fax: (604) 628-8734

Paradox Prevention investigators specialize in all areas of civil and criminal investigations. Our investigators are highly educated and trained in intelligence gathering and covert surveillance applications, offering years of experience to ensure that all our clients individual needs are addressed professionally. Paradox Prevention Investigation services offer a complete umbrella of covert discreet detective services. Our investigation services are designed to guarantee a resolution in all your professional and private endeavors.



Paradox Prevention provides over 24 years of private investigation experience, supported by continuous industry training and tactical experience for all complex situations. Our investigators are diversely certified in such areas as civil/criminal investigations, police sciences, forensic sciences, certified hand writing analysis, criminal profiling, body language/deceit detection, C.P.T.E.D, security consulting, security guard services and much more. 

Private Investigator Services, Vancouver
Civil & Criminal Investigations
Missing Person & Personal Locates
Background / Civil, Criminal Checks
Criminal Profiling (Behavioral Science)
Handwriting Analysis Profiling
Body Language Deceit Detection
Threat Mitigation Consulting
Forced Entry
Mobile Security Patrol Site:
Mobile Patrol Protection Services
Security Consulting (C.P.T.E.D.)
Mobile CCTV ISP Monitoring
Forced Entry
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